Purity Ball Frequently Asked Questions

Purpose Statement:

The Father-Daughter Purity Ball is a Christ-centered evening that encourages biblical values and strengthens the bond between fathers and daughters.

Why have it?

The evening will educate, entertain, and motivate the attendees, giving them the tools to commit to a pure life.

What is it all about?

The Purity Ball brings fathers and daughters together for an elegant evening of dining, discussion, and decision. Fathers commit to their daughters that they will remain pure, and ask their daughters for the same commitment. The fathers also commit to pursue the hearts of their daughters by working on strengthening their relationships and letting them know how much they love and care for them.

What impact does it have?

A group of young ladies at the Purity Ball

No program or event can overcome the power of sin in a person’s life. Only Christ and his work in the heart can do that. The Purity Ball can, however, be a catalyst that draws the hearts of fathers and daughters together, and hopefully, in turn point them to Christ.

Research shows:

Who exactly is taking the vows?

The fathers/mentors are the ones signing the covenants with the girls witnessing the pledge that their fathers make. The pledge represents the dedication he feels to his daughter to protect and shield her. A challenge is issued to the fathers to be pure in their own lives as a man, husband and father, and to be a man of integrity and accountability as he leads, guides and prays for his family and home.

What if I don’t have a father?

For those girls who have no father, we ask that a mentor escort her instead. This could be a grandfather, a family friend, an uncle, a pastor, or someone else who can serve as a godly male role model. Many of our girls come with these significant mentors in their lives.

What if I can’t afford it?

We have limited scholarships available for those who need them. Please contact The Christian Center for a scholarship form. Applications must be made by October 1. Cost should not be an issue for anyone that would like to attend. We make every effort for anyone to attend, regardless of finances.

We also provide our dress shop filled with current dresses for those who would like to purchase a dress for a nominal fee. Please see brochure for dates and times that the store will be open.